Water sports in Ovar

The water sports beaches in Ovar to explore

The Center of Portugal has excellent natural conditions for water sports thanks to its extensive Atlantic Coast and its various inland waterways. If you are looking for a new adventure, come and practice water sports in Ovar, and enjoy the pleasure of being in contact with nature to give you the well-being you deserve!

The municipality of Ovar has a wide variety of beaches to practice water sports, we start by practicing canoeing, water sports in Ovar, of great importance, canoeing is practiced with canoe or kayak, the Ria de Aveiro meets all the ideal conditions for this water sport.

For lovers of more extreme water sports, including surfing and bodyboarding, Praia de Cortegaça, Praia de São Pedro de Maceda and Praia do Furadouro are a great choice. Praia de Cortegaça, surrounded by dunes and pine forests, has a strong sea swell, perfect for catching waves. The beach of São Pedro de Maceda meets all the conditions to practice surfing, extends in a long sand with about 3.5 km, is the ideal setting for those looking for a wilder and more natural beach. Finally, Praia do Furadouro known as the “surfers’ beach”, is bathed by a strong Atlantic swell, great for catching waves!

The Ria de Aveiro is the ideal place to practice Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Sailing, with the wind being an essential element. For those looking for a more radical sport, kitesurfing is a good choice, representing the act of surfing with paragliding, a sport that brings together strength and concentration. These sports can be practiced in the sea, in rivers, in dams and lagoons, with a surfboard and a beautiful between 2 and 5 meters high.
If you prefer not to use boards and feel the sea, try a sailing boat, moved by the force of the wind and currents, the center of Portugal has excellent natural conditions for the practice of Sailing.

For those looking for quieter activities, sport fishing is practiced with the main purpose of leisure and pleasure of being connected to nature. It can be practiced at sea, in rivers and lakes, and can use natural baits or artificial lures.

Finally, the sport of motorboating, which represents the power of the mechanics of the sea. It takes place with motorized boats, in competitions where the speed of the boats is sharpened. Races can take place on lakes, rivers, or the open sea. The central region is the venue for these national and international competitions.

Where to stay after water sports in Ovar?

The charming town is distinguished by its gastronomy, history, culture, and its beautiful beaches where you can practice water sports in Ovar throughout the year.

O Furadouro Boutique Hotel & Spa is a great choice for rest and relaxation after a day of water sports in Ovar. With its privileged location to beaches, especially Praia do Furadouro in front of the Boutique Hotel.

Furadouro Boutique Hotel & Spa has held a Green Key distinction for sustainability since its opening. It has a spa with two treatment rooms, a double VIP suite for treatments and bath rituals and a relaxation room with heated beds and chromotherapy. In the spa all the products used are 100% natural and of Portuguese origin.

The proximity to the sea makes this first-rate hotel the perfect place to practice water sports in Ovar. Come and discover the center of Portugal and the beautiful city of Ovar, book now with us at the best price!