Tile Routes in Ovar


The Tile Route in Ovar is one of the oldest artistic expressions of the Iberian Peninsula, usually used as a decorative and architectural ornament, transforming urban landscapes and transmitting the chronology of each locality. They are said to beautify spaces and carry with them memories of a time gone by.

The city of Ovar is one of the greatest exponents of tiles and is known throughout the world as the Living Museum City of Tiles. It is therefore not surprising that you will find a wide variety of tiles when walking through the city and that, in this regard, a Rua do Azulejo was created, which, in practice, is the Azulejo Route in Ovar.

This route, ideal for walking in Ovar, allows you to enjoy the beautiful and historic tile panels of the city, while inspiring a tradition that is estimated to have been imported from the Portuguese discoveries and relations with Brazil. In fact, the quantity and diversity of the 19th/20th century tiled façades in Ovar can be seen in the streets, as if it were an open-air museum.

This Tile Route in Ovar, created by the local authority, can be visited for free, just consult the local Tourist Office. It is a guided tour that lasts approximately one hour. This route focuses mainly on the historic center of Ovar and passes through 19 facades and the streets Dr. José Falcão, Cândido dos Reis, Heliodoro Salgado, 31 de Janeiro, Luís de Camões and Alexandre Herculano.

This route starts at Praça da República, towards the Church of Santo António. As you stroll through the streets, you’ll see several facades that deserve attention, such as the São Cristóvão de Ovar Parish Church, which is known for its blue tile facade. Other points of interest include the Casa Museu da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco, the Museu de Ovar, Casa Museu de Júlio Dinis and the Tribunal Judicial de Ovar, also filled with tiles that are estimated to originate from tile factories in the northern part of the country, such as Valadares.

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